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Repair Outlook 2007 PST File

Software to Fix Damaged PST File of Outlook 2007

As long as Outlook 2007 works fine, PST file seems to be unknown for you. One awful day, Outlook says that PST file is damaged and it freeze access to your profile. Since you have all your business or professional emails and other valuable information stored in it, from here onwards you will start researching about what is PST file and how to fix damaged PST file?? Concentrate, PST is a centralized data file used by Outlook to store user data and repairing damaged PST file is extreme simple, for which you need specialized software called Outlook PST repair utility. Get the software and let it scan the corrupt PST file. In addition to repair, it will also get your lost priceless Outlook data back.

Most of the people prefer Outlook 2007 for effective communication and information sharing. To serve you better, Microsoft has added many attractive features and upgraded existing features like instant search to get desired stuff in one click, upgraded calendar To-Do bar, etc. In spite of which version of Outlook you are using, PST file always tend to get corrupt in one or other way. Whenever you notice corruption of PST file, don’t get tensed about how to retrieve lost emails after Outlook freeze and how to fix PST. Just pass on the task to PST file repair software and perform few clicks as per onscreen instructions. With no time, it fixes the damaged Outlook PST file and restores lost Outlook data from different versions of Outlook like 2000, 01, 03 and 2007. This tool also work on different version of Windows operating system, you can use it on Windows 7 as well as Windows 8 to repair PST file. Have a click over this URL to know how it repairs PST file in Windows 8:

Now you came to know about the best approach to fix damaged Outlook 2007 PST file and recover lost data, but reasons behind corruption of PST file cannot be deserted. They play a major role in taking precautions to avoid corruption of PST file. Have a look at the common reasons here.

  • Oversized PST is the primary reason for PST file to get corrupt
  • Abnormal termination of MS Outlook 2007
  • Sharing Outlook PST file over the network
  • Virus infection or malfunctioning
  • Errors during migration of Outlook 2007 PST file
  • File system corruption in Windows computer

Let us proceed towards repairing damaged PST file. At first you can also try using default inbox repair tool i.e. scanpst.exe to fix damaged Outlook 2007 PST file. Probability of getting desired results is very rare. So better be with PST file repair tool. It is professional Outlook PST repair and recovery tool which is able to fix broken PST file when scanpst.exe fails. Since it is a read only application, it will never harm your original file at repair and recovery. You can run this tool on Windows XP, Vista and Windows machines to fix PST file. It repairs PST file even if it is encrypted or password protected. As it is an all in one Outlook recovery tool, you can use this utility to recover deleted contacts from Outlook 2010 and 2007. The software has user friendly interface and efficient scanning mechanism. You can repair the PST file easily and store the recovered Outlook data on your computer. You can save the recovery session to resume it when you need it again and avoid rescanning. You can even fix Outlook 2003 PST file and 2000 files using the software.

Simple steps to fix damaged Outlook 2007 PST file:

1: Install the demo version of PST file repair software and explore it to get main window as shown in Figure 1. Select the location of PST file by using Open PST File option.

How to Fix Damaged PST File of Outlook 2007 - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

2: Later you will be prompted to choose the scanning method for repairing damaged PST file and extract the lost information as shown in Figure 2.

How to Fix Damaged PST File of Outlook 2007 - Scanning Method

Figure 2: Scanning Method

3: After choosing desired scanning method, specify the destination path and click on Repair button. Once the repair process is completed, you will get list of recovered items as shown in Figure 3.

How to Fix Damaged PST File of Outlook 2007 - Repaired PST Data

Figure 3: Repaired PST Data

4: Evaluate the obtained results using preview option. If you are happy with the results obtained using demo version, buy the full version of the software to save repaired file with recovered data.