PST File Repair Software

How to Repair Corrupted PST File?

MS Outlook is one of the leading email client application developed by Microsoft. It is used as a primary email application, as it offers various features like: task manager, calendar, contact manager, journal etc. It is basically used in big organizations to receive and send emails and to handle them as well. But occasionally you may face some problems while using Outlook. The main cause for this problem is data file corruption. The data file is also known as Personal Storage Table or PST. Once it is corrupted Outlook refuses to open the file and you cannot access any contacts, emails and other attributes. Sometimes when you try to access the PST file an error messages pop up stating "The file Outlook.pst could not be found" then the PST file is corrupted and you must repair PST files in order to access your data. However PST corruption can occur due to various reasons, and now there is a way to overcome your problem i.e. Outlook PST repair tool. So if you would like to know how to repair a corrupted PST file then continue reading.

Viruses are also one of the main reasons that lead to PST file corruption. And this corrupted PST files cannot be accessed. In situation like this you can repair the corrupted PST file by using Outlook repair tool. This tool helps you to repair Outlook 2003 and other Outlook versions PST file efficiently. Check here to know how to repair corrupted PST files in Outlook 2003.

If the system shut down abruptly due to sudden power failure, OS crash, etc may lead to PST file corruption. Once file is corrupted you will lose access to its data. To overcome such situation, you can use Outlook PST repair tool to repair corrupted PST file.

Sometimes if the MS Outlook application is not installed properly or if some files are missing in the program files, may corrupt off PST file. In situation like this, you can repair corrupted PST file using Outlook PST repair tool. Outlook PST repair software is one of the consistent repair tools which know how to repair corrupted PST file and also you can recover email after Outlook freezes using the software.

Why this software is preferred to repair corrupted PST file?

Outlook PST repair software is basically designed to repair corrupted PST file and missing emails. Trouble-free user interface and powerful scanning algorithm of this tool make your job as simple as you can’t even imagine. For the entire corrupted PST file repair process, application needs only few simple mouse clicks. In addition to repairing corrupt PST file, you can also make use of this software to restore deleted email contacts from Outlook 2010. To learn how to restore deleted emails from Outlook 2010 click on this link: Now just download the demo version, with which you can estimate the product prior to purchase.

Steps to repair corrupted PST files:

Step1: Download and install the software on your Windows PC and open its main window as shown in figure1 below.

How to Repair Corrupted PST File - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step2: Select "Open PST File" if you know the exact location of the corrupt PST file, or choose "Find PST File" if you want software to search for the PST file on your computer. Or choose "Select Outlook Profile" option if you are having more than one Outlook profile and then select the appropriate PST file to repair. Then choose either "Normal Scan" or "Smart Scan" option. After choosing either of the two options click on the repair button.

How to Repair Corrupted PST File - Scanning Method

Figure 2: Scanning Method

Step3: After the completion of repair process preview recovered emails and other data attributes of your Outlook profile as shown in figure3 below.

How to Repair Corrupted PST File - Repaired PST Data

Figure 3: Repaired PST Data