PST File Repair Software

PST File Repair Software

How to Repair Big PST File?

Microsoft Outlook is an industry standard groupware tool. Outlook is often the heart and soul of business organisations. Many organizations depend on it for email, calendar, events, tasks, calendars, RSS feeds etc. Every day while working on Microsoft Outlook, you send/receive number of emails, tasks, RSS feeds and much other information. All these information will be accumulated in PST file. After working for months and years, with increasingly rapid growth of personal or business communication the Outlook PST file which gathers all these information dramatically increases in size. Different version of Outlook has different size limit. Usually, for Outlook 2002 and previous versions the size of PST file is limited to 2GB, where as it is increased to 20 GB for Outlook 2003 and 50GB for Outlook 2010. The PST file surpasses the size limitation when you start stuffing more and more data without checking the status of the PST file. If the PST file increases in size then syncing, Outlook freezing and inaccessibility of the files becomes too common.

Big PST file of any Outlook version can lead you in to fretful state. Let’s consider a situation, where in you are using the Outlook profile routinely without caring the size limit of the PST file. One fine day morning you notice that your Outlook application is working slowly. That time you don’t pay attention to the PST file and the same thing continues for some more days. Suddenly one day you try to access the emails but Outlook does not respond and throws any of the following error messages:

  • Items cannot be moved
  • The file cannot be added to the folder. The action could not be completed.
  • An error has encountered and you need to close the MS Outlook
  • The file Outlook.pst is not a personal folders file
  • Outlook.pst has reached maximum size limit
  • OL2000: Unable to Use Your Personal Folder File if it exceeds the 2GB size limit
  • Outlook.pst cannot be accessed - 0x80040116:
  • Errors have been detected in the file. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool.

These error messages indicate that your PST file got corrupted because of surpassing the predefined limit and needs to be fixed as soon as possible for easy access to your Outlook profile. To repair oversized PST files MS Outlook provides an Inbox Repair Tool commonly known as scanpst.exe. When you run the scanpst.exe and if it fails to fix the issue you need to understand that the PST file of MS Outlook is severely corrupted beyond manual repair. This miserable situation demands the usage most trust worth third party application named PST file repair utility to sort out the issue. This fully automated utility requires just few mouse clicks to fix your file.

This utility does not harm your original PST file during repair. Upon scanning the corrupted PST file, it just extracts complete Outlook attributes including emails from the corrupted file and creates a new PST file with extracted data. This new PST file is corrupt free and error free. This newly created PST file will be saved in Outlook version 2003 - 2010. So you can easily import your email back to the Outlook profile on your personal computer. Sometimes oversized PST file results in deletion of contacts from Outlook 2010. As we all know that with the daily update of new contacts and other Outlook attributes the size of the PST file keeps growing. In such cases make use of this utility to recover deleted contacts from Outlook 2010.

With the help of PST repair utility you can effortlessly repair damaged PST file Outlook 2007, 2000 and 2003. It has a potential to fix password protected or highly encrypted PST files of any Outlook versions. Password protected PST files are fixed without breaking the password code. It can restore lost emails when MS Outlook freezes or hang in between, while loading a file due to the impact of oversized PST file. In addition to this you may face various issues with big PST file while sending or receiving email attachments. Our ward winning utility has the capability to resolve all those critical issues within couple of minutes. The software can even repair Outlook OST files. Click over here for more information on OST file repair. The trial version of this multi featured utility provides the preview of the recovered emails, contacts, calendar items, notes, RSS feeds, tasks etc in Outlook style browser interface. Thus you can judge the capability of the utility by this preview. If you are happy with the preview information go ahead and buy the complete version of the utility and save recovered files to secured location.

To prevent the corruption of PST file due to oversize it is always recommended following these precautionary measures:

  • Delete unnecessary emails from PST file on regular basis.
  • Create and updated back up copy of the PST file with important data.

Simple Steps to Fix Big PST File:

1: Install the demo version of PST file repair software and explore it to get main window as shown in Figure 1. Select the location of PST file by using Open PST File option.

Repair Big PST File - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

2: Later you will be prompted to choose the scanning method for repairing big PST file as shown in Figure 2. If the PST file is severely corrupted use Smart Scan option if not work with Normal Scan option.

Repair Big PST File - Scanning Method

Figure 2: Scanning Method

3: After choosing desired scanning method, specify the destination path and click on Repair button. Once the repair process is completed, you will get list of recovered items as shown in Figure 3. Preview the files. If you are happy with the recovery results purchase the software and save the files to secured location.

Repair Big PST File - Repaired PST Data

Figure 3: Repaired PST Data